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The Czech Republic has become such a popular tourist destination that many travellers long for something outside the traditional European tourist trade. Brno is rarely crowded with tourists and one of the best places to experience tourism - thematic attractions in the country. It has Charles Bridge, a huge and magnificent cathedral, it behaves like a river, and it is not without its castle.

You can visit the interior of the castle and see how wine and lager were once stored, how underground rooms were illuminated and even admire a collection of archaeological finds. You can even look back in time to see what it was like then and the different points it served. Brno covers many topics, such as the history of architecture, architecture and architecture in the Czech Republic, as well as history and archaeology. A wide range of cultural, cultural and historical events and events are in

The Moravian Museum, built in 1817, displays contemporary and classical art. There is not much in the way of art galleries in Brno, except the Morvian Gallery, which includes the Museum of Applied Arts, the Institute of Fine Arts and the National Gallery. The list of attractions includes the five-nave cathedral, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a museum, an art gallery and a concert hall.

Besides the caves, there are also well-marked cycling and hiking trails in the Moravian Karst. GetyourGuide offers various hikes, including the Capuchin Monastery and the Church of St. James. There is an additional tourist information centre and travel agency in Nadrazni Vachova in Brno.

This impressive cathedral dominates the cityscape of Brno next to the fortress and was built more than the Petrusberg. Being in the centre is also a good place for a quick walk to climb the towers and the cathedral. Access: From the city centre to the fortress it takes 20 minutes on foot and another 15 minutes by bike.

Brno has some of the most amazing sights to discover, and although there are certain sights and places worth visiting, the city of Brno just does not do justice to them, because it is so much more than that. In this blog article I will tell you what to expect and experience during a weekend trip to Brno, including the best restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, museums and other attractions. If you want to get a glimpse of what Prague has to offer, then it is close enough for a day trip. Prague is only a few hours away in the Czech Republic and only a short drive from the capital, but if you are looking for experiences and tips for No, then please write a comment.

If you like big attractions, then visit Prague, but the streets here are complemented by a Czech flair, which makes for a very relaxed and pleasant destination.

The culture is more authentic and unaffected by tourist demand, and prices are low for those who like to bargain. Brno, which has flourished in recent years, has many activities to do, many companies are based in Brno, and new cafes and restaurants are opening, which attracts international companies to settle here. Igni tourists will find plenty to do here, such as restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

However, the exchange rate for cash withdrawals is generally much lower than when euros are exchanged locally for Czech crowns. For example, one euro is worth about CZK 25 in Brno, and CZK 50 in the Czech Republic.

If you are in Brno for a short period of time and therefore do not need too much money, this is a relatively easy way to get Czech crowns. If you are looking for an excellent coffee specialty with a cozy ambience, SKOG is the perfect place to go. As I mentioned in my previous post about paying for your coffee, you will find it right in the centre of town, just a few blocks from the train station.

For lovers of Gothic architecture, there are as many preserved buildings from the 13th century, and for those looking for great architecture, it is a must - see. In a small landlocked country that has remained largely untouched since the World War and has been in the possession of people for a millennium, this is my favourite destination for anyone who likes old architecture. Brno is located 30 km from Prague and is also a nice day trip for tourists who stay in the city.

I would recommend to stay one night in Brno, but I think it is enough and if you think the park could be a bit more manicured, it would be very worth seeing. The city's highlight is the Gothic Museum, with graphics on the walls, floor-to-ceiling furniture in a completely immersive style. To see all this well, one should stay two nights, which would work best for me. I thought it would be enough to see all of this, although I have seen a few other attractions, such as the Art Museum and the Museum of History, as well as a number of museums.

More About Brno

More About Brno