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The Czech Republic is slowly becoming known for its gastronomy, but that is not all it is known about. The Czech Republic has a sizeable Vietnamese community, so it is no surprise that there are many excellent restaurants when it comes to Vietnamese food.

When it comes to nightlife and drinks, the offer in the second largest city in the Czech Republic is as good as in Prague. Being part of one of the most popular nightclubs and bars in the world is like heaven.

Brno is less touristy than Prague or Vienna, but if you want to know how Brno attracts its visitors, take a look at our 10 coolest places in Brno. Also have a look at our list of the best restaurants in the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Here you can meet people from the South Moravian region who are as passionate about their local cuisine as they are about the rest of Czechoslovakia and the country as a whole. Take a look at the top 10 most popular restaurants and bars in Prague, Prague and Vienna.

Some of the most popular restaurants and bars in Prague, Prague and Vienna, and even some in Brno, are not found in the Czech Republic.

During the Communist rule, the inhabitants of Brno lost many of their traditional restaurants and bars, but some of them were refounded and today host a variety of restaurants, bars and restaurants in the city. Some of the BrNO restaurants are in traditional and some in modern styles.

In Brno you can find many typical Czech dishes like in Prague, but if you are a wine drinker, this list may not be quite as long. The list of the best wines produced in the Czech Republic comes from the Prague Wine Salon, where Brno is the capital. It includes over 500 different wines, including wines produced within the Czech Republic, and offers a comprehensive look at all 100 best wines the country has to offer in the Czech Wine Salon.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can eat in one of the many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city, such as the Vegan Café or the Vegan Restaurant Vegetarian Café.

If you like meat, you can choose one of the many meatless restaurants in town, such as Meat Free Restaurant, or opt for a local specialty. Visit Zlata lod, the brewery and the StarOBRno restaurant to enjoy a traditional Czech dish in Starobrno.

If you want to limit yourself to Czech cuisine and don't like Italian at the Four Seasons Prague, you'll love sushi in Starobrno. During my time there, I was able to taste a variety of sushi, such as sushi at Zlata lod, kimchi at StarOBRno and sashimi at Sushi Bar and Grill.

Super Panda Circus has been awarded the prize for the best bar design in the Czech Republic, so you can enjoy good service in Brno. The bar was designed by one of the most talented chefs and restaurant chefs in the world, Jiri Zlata.

Villa Tugendhat is a must for all those who want to get a taste of the life of kings in the Czech Republic. The villa, built between 1929 and 1930, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important cultural sites in Europe and the world. It is the only surviving remnant of an old royal palace in Brno and one of the best examples of functionalism. Villa TUGEND is another must-see with its beautiful architecture, beautiful gardens and historic buildings.

If you love wine, hearty food and nature, spend 3-5 days in the exhilarating wine region of the Czech Republic. If you want to enjoy the traditional Czech cuisine for which the Czech Republic is famous, look no further than Brno to find out more.

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If you could easily spend a month in the Czech Republic, here is a list of 5 days to visit Prague, Cesky Krumlov and Brno for 5 dollars a day. After a tbex family trip we could send Brno on a trip to Prague, where he was to stay with friends and family for 5 days. We were very interested to learn more about the Czech Republic, as this city invites us to visit again and again. What travel experts say about this can be read here "Czech Republic," which we recommend you to read.

Not many people come to Brno to stay, even for a short city trip, because there are simply no restaurants, bars or breweries, as there are almost no tourists. We chose this hotel because it is located in the beautiful old town, the perfect starting point for a day trip and offers many restaurants. There are many restaurants that are recommended for traditional Czech beer cuisine, but we chose Br nobe because we fly fast and cheaply from Berlin.

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