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It has been a great semester so far and I thought I could tell you a little about the last few months I have had the privilege of working. I have learned a lot about my performance and my previous knowledge of teaching and the English language, something I hope to learn more about as I learn about it.

I do not know exactly which students performed the solo works, but I know that the work they studied was the first solo work by Dvorak and Smetana in the Czech Republic. I was approached by an American who came home to help me with the music of Dvorak & Smetsana himself. In preparation for my repertoire course in the next semester, I brought some of my favorite works from my own repertoire, but also some from the repertoire of other composers.

Roxy usually brings in more commercial artists who have a massive audience, and Jiri gives private lessons. Overall, I believe that high expectations and standards are being managed in such a way that students can be prepared to enter the world of performing and orchestral music after graduation. There is also a liberal, art-based education, similar to that offered in US high schools.

The sound is as close as one can imagine to what one could call a "German" sound: fullness and roundness behave in a sound that is regarded as a "German" sound. There is a small vibrato that seems to have disappeared in the 1970s, but most of us can at least double and play with the Van Doren reeds with a 3.0-3.5 strength. Brings the tongue forward, closes the teeth and somehow rolls the "R" before I get far into the word.

Czech pop music is also influenced by the traditional Czech style in its instrumentation, and this also affects rock'n "roll music. The famous electronic festival in the Czech Republic is called "Let's Roll in Winter" or "Let's Roll in Open Air." The festival has expanded over time and still attracts a large crowd, bringing some of the best DJs and producers of all genres to the stage. Around 8 stages and over 220 artists play drum & bass, some very good and some less good.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about all of them in one article, so I will tell you more about other genres.

Vladimir Brablec was born in Prague, Czech Republic, where he lives with his wife and two children in Brno. Brahm respighi works as a singer, guitarist, songwriter, pianist, composer, producer, musician and musician.

Polygon is an underground techno party organized by the team and held in Brno, which has just celebrated its 40th edition. Without a headliner, it usually has dark ambient techno artists and is invited to upcoming festival nights, such as the next one in Prague and the next two in Berlin.

Most music students attend a conservatory at the age of 14 and do so for about six years, but at the age of 20 they begin their first year at the Czech Academy of Music, the most prestigious music school in the country. During this time you will concentrate intensively on developing your musical skills, such as composition, composition and composition techniques, as well as technical skills.

Students must work for a final jury at the end of the semester, and there is a weekly evaluation mid-term. There is no parliamentary system in which the prime minister and the various political parties have the most power. The president does not have the typical domestic political role that the president has in the United States, but he signs legislation before he can veto it. They do not get the attention that elections do, although there are weekly and biannual evaluations.

He will perform with an ensemble consisting of outstanding young musicians from all over the Czech Republic. His interests include music, which he calls "American creation," fun in film and an interest in American rock and metal music. He was born in Prague, a city of less than 1.5 million inhabitants, in the middle of the country.

He was a member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the National Orchestra of the Czech Republic and the National Orchestra of Czech Music.

Once a month, at Chapeau Rouge, you can listen to the artists of the London label and see what the girls wear. Czech hits are usually in English, but foreigners hear the predominance of familiar melodies and understand the Czech-styled lyrics better than the locals. You can notice the similarities between the music of the Czechs and that of other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and the United States.

As I mentioned in a previous post, pupils enter the public school system at the age of 6 and about 95% attend public schools. Most degrees are possible, but the way they are structured, most students will graduate (or do) from a private school. Students complete at least two years of high school and up to four years of college.

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More About Brno