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Hilton Hotels presents the four-star Doubletree brand in the Czech Republic, which is launching the DoubleTree brand in Prague, the first of its kind in Europe. Rezidor expands in South AfricaThe Rezidsor Hotel Group has opened a new hotel in Johannesburg, a brand new Hilton hotel with a four star rating.

The 540-room hotel, which will consist of hotel rooms and serviced apartments, is the second InterContinental in the Qatari capital and will include a swimming pool, wellness centre, fitness centre, restaurant and fitness centre. The Radisson Hotel Sandton, which is scheduled to open in late 2008, and the 192-room Park Inn Sandton, which opens in 2010.

Hilton Hotels Prague would like to thank all the main sponsors and partners who contributed to the organization of this event. Start your journey with the latest news on, and for more information about Hilton Prague Prague, visit www.

The festive atmosphere was provided by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of the Indian conductor Debashish Chaudhuri, who accompanied Alena Shutova as soprano. The evening was moderated by Dr. Andrej Speck, Head of the Department of Music and Music Education at the University of the Czech Republic, and attended by a number of students from the University's Music Department as well as students and lecturers from other universities.

The company says it plans to open more hotels in regional cities such as Brno, Pilsen and Ostrava. The hotel marks the beginning of a new era for the hotel industry in the Czech Republic and throughout the country. In Prague we took the time to visit the new hotel, the first of its kind in Europe, and see it in all its splendour.

If you want to learn more about beer, including its production, then take the Pilsner Urquell Tour. Pilsen also has one of the most famous breweries in the Czech Republic, the Krasnodar Brewery.

The city's attractions include the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, the Krasnodar Museum and the National Museum of Natural History of the Czech Republic. Other attractions include Lipsno, a popular tourist destination with its many museums, restaurants and shops.

This city, built as a Roman fortress during the Imperial period, has much to see and do. Only 30 km from Prague, there are magnificent monuments that have served as treasure-houses in various places, such as the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, the Krasnodar Museum and the National Museum of Natural History of the Czech Republic.

The town of Kutna Hora, built in 1142 as a Czech monastery, experienced a boom and prosperity under German control in the 12th century. This castle dates back to the 10th century and was once the royal palace of the King of Bohemia, then the most powerful king in Europe.

The city has some of the most famous buildings in the Czech Republic, such as the Prague Royal Palace and Kutna Hora Castle. It is interspersed with magnificent architecture, including a number of medieval castles, as well as many modern buildings. Together with our partners, the hotel team has also organized a number of special events for guests and visitors to Brno and other parts of Slovakia.

Best Western Hotels has retained its independence and benefits from the world's largest hotel association. We have increased the number of hotels in Brno and other parts of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but we keep the city as a spa hotel for Best Western.

Founded in 1919 as the flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide, Hilton Hotels and Resorts continues to build on its legacy of innovation by developing products and services that meet the needs of savvy global travelers in over 550 hotels on six continents. More than 34 million travelers are members of the award-winning Best Western loyalty program, one of the few programs where members never earn points, which can be redeemed at the best Western hotels worldwide.

Hilton Prague Old Town accepts a pet (up to 30 kg) for an additional fee of 40 euros during your stay. Prague allows a maximum of two pets per room, one per room in the hotel and one per day for the duration of the stay, with a minimum of three days per week.

Lindner Hotel at Prague Castle allows a maximum of two pets per room, one per day for the duration of the stay, with a minimum of three days per week.

The Czech National Theatre, which consists of four spectacular ensembles including ballet, drama and opera Lantern Magica, is a great place to enjoy an evening or a whole weekend. The Czech Republic is one of the 30 countries classified as industrialised countries and has a higher employment rate than the US. Although food in the Czech Republic is cheap compared to US prices, the country is not a "sophisticated economy" in terms of economic growth. Beer prices in pubs and restaurants range from 23 to 23.5 CZK per litre.

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More About Brno