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When I tell people that I want to see Brno, Czech Republic, back home one day, almost everyone looks at me. I'm crazy. As I enjoyed the delicious schnitzel I had ordered at a place that pointed me to another city I had seen, I thought: "How do I see this as the destination I always wanted to see? Then I realized that we had to find one or two shops to buy gifts for important people in our lives. That's how we did it , we found a park, found some very nice cafes, stopped for a coffee and a very tasty little snack and even saw some of the most beautiful buildings, restaurants, shops, cafes and restaurants on the street.

When we arrived, the lady at reception told us it would be £20 for two dogs a night. I asked if it was for dogs as a whole and she said yes, which is different from what it is in form, but I am sure that what I said was different from what was on the form and asked her if that was the sum.

I asked again if I would be told to check in differently, but the woman at the desk said pretty much "bad luck." I asked again if we were told we had checked differently And she said "pretty" hard luck.

I did not expect to be charged twice at the end of my stay, but I did not expect to be charged twice at the end of our stay. I did not expect to pay twice as much from the Best Western Hotel Best West Coast Hotel in Brno.

I finally decided to see if there was an app that could help me and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Brno was the choice, which is not always the case with other apps and websites. I didn't know where to start, but I eventually decided to stay at the Best Western Hotel Best West Coast in Brno. No 1, as there were no apps that could help.

The centre of Brno is beautiful and I spent a lot of time just walking through the shop windows, but it was nice to just sit there and enjoy the atmosphere and listen to the locals talking to each other. I also wanted to feel like that, because they were extremely friendly and friendly when I asked questions. Your contribution to is treated with the utmost respect and reflects your commitment as a guest of this property.

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Only customers who have booked through and stayed at the property concerned can leave a review. When I booked, I emailed the hotel to ask about room charges for dogs, as the website does not allow pets and does not specify any restrictions. But when I arrived, the lady at the counter told me it would be £20 for two dogs a night and PS30 for a single dog. So when you book, you can contact them by email and ask for the room rates for your dogs, although dogs are not allowed on the websites, no restrictions.

Then I was told wrongly, then the manager told me he was an intern And then I told him the wrong thing And he misinformed us. Then I wasn't even told that the managers were apprentices and now I'm the hotel manager, but then he tells me that he's an apprentice.

I was thrilled because I was told we were at least the first to arrive, but I wasn't thrilled at all because they told me I was We are the first to arrive the least. I've been thrilled since I was told and I'm still thrilled, even though I've been told I'm the least of it!

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More About Brno