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The Czech Republic is slowly becoming known for its gastronomy, but that is not all. There are restaurants, bars and breweries, simply because there are almost no tourists. In this article we share some traditional Czech dishes that you should not miss in Prague. These are some of the restaurants we recommend for traditional Czech beer cuisine.

Although Brno is best known for its modern cocktail and restaurant scene, most of our guides focus on some fabulous gourmet restaurants in Brno. Have a look at our guide to the best cocktail bars in Prague and Prague, as well as some of the most popular bars and restaurants in the Czech Republic. Has a list of restaurants and bars with a good selection of traditional Czech beer and beer cuisine.

For some of the most beautiful desserts in Brno, go to Marilyn's Cafe or visit the beer garden. Don't forget to treat yourself to lunch and a drink or two in one of these great bars and restaurants in the Czech Republic.

I've tried the Eating London Food Tour, run by the same company as Eating Prague, but there are some super cool restaurants and pubs I particularly like. The Pivni Bar in the atrium is a great place if you are looking for traditional, hearty Czech cuisine. There is a pub in the front half of the building and at the back you have access to a restaurant, bar and beer garden, as well as an outdoor garden.

This gives you a good idea of some of the most interesting places and activities in Brno, as well as some great restaurants and bars.

More information about Brno and some of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can be found on Omio (formerly GoEuro). If you rent a car, you can reach it in a few hours if you plan it and include it in your itinerary. The journey from Prague to Br. No, But it won't be much harder for you to get there. The Prague-Brno train or bus takes about three hours, the bus about four hours.

Read "Czech Brno" to find out what travel experts have to say about Brno, or read the recommended reading "Brno in the Czech Republic and Slovakia."

For easy orientation you can make a list of all mentioned places and activities in Brno that we have compiled. There are a few connections between the cities of Breno and Prague, so this is a relatively simple addition - on your Prague route. Take the train from Brno Main Station (Blansko) and drive half an hour, or again bus or train is the best option to choose from.

Some Brno restaurants are traditional in the extreme, but not all are traditional in the extreme. Stopkova is one of the most historic bars in Brno, with a pub from the 19th century. Not very far from Br. No, the bar and restaurant "Protecting Freedom" is a popular destination for tourists and locals. Under communist rule, the inhabitants of Brno lost, today it houses a restaurant and bar, a café and several other restaurants and bars.

The Soul Bistro in the centre of the city offers delicious Czech cuisine in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with a wide selection of local and international dishes.

If you like cheese as much as I do, I think it is considered one of the best foods in Prague. I can say with certainty that Brno is a great destination for the most delicious and tasty food in the Czech Republic. We hope that this homage to Czech cuisine will inspire you to create your own little Czech holiday in your kitchen.

Visitors interested in food and beer are advised to check out Eating Prague and consider one of the walks. If you prefer more flexibility and don't have to pay for a guided Prague food tour, you can make your own food tours by simply walking around the city. We have compiled a guide to the best activities in Brno to help you plan your trip to Prague. So if you are planning a trip and want to do everything or really want to immerse yourself in the food scene, then take a tour of Prague.

If you fancy a weekend of Czech cuisine, the Czech Cookbook is a collection of recipes that anyone can make, so make sure you bookmark it. This website, which has been lovingly designed by people interested in preserving rich and traditional Czech cuisine, has created a way to revive some beautiful memories of the Czech Republic.

Brno is a city that many travellers do not know much about, as it appears as a name on a map somewhere between Prague and Vienna. But if you are thirsty to learn more about Brno and its unique cuisine and culture, here are some tips for visiting the locals.

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More About Brno